Update Your Hotel Rooms for a Modern Look

Update Your Hotel Rooms for a Modern Look

Turn to us for hotel interior design

Do you want to change the look of your hotel? With the interior design expertise of Hospitality Direct, LLC you can. We know how important it is to create designs that match your vision. When you discuss your ideas with us, you can expect us to develop a design that is functional, beautiful and within your budget.

Our company can supply all of the products you need to renew your rooms, including furniture, lighting, appliances and linens. You’ll be amazed at what we can do with your space. Call us today at 843-712-1700 to get started.

3 reasons to choose Hospitality Direct, LLC

There aren’t a lot of companies that can provide the interior design services that we can. Here are three reasons why we’re one of the best options for interior design services:

  1. We can remodel rooms from scratch or update rooms.
  2. We keep current trends in mind to create imaginative designs with innovative products.
  3. We provide products at discounted prices.

Hire us right away to make sure your new interior design is completed to your standards.

When it comes to interior design, our staff here at Hospitality Direct, LLC understands how important it is to capture the vision and direction in which the hotel has in mind. Whether traditional or luxury, classic or contemporary, neutral or vibrant, Hospitality Direct, LLC aims to provide conceptual designs and innovating products for all. Keeping the 2017 and upcoming 2018 trends in mind, we now offer a broad range of hospitality products including indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, case goods, appliances, linens and much more! Whether you’re looking to remodel and start from scratch or just looking to update a little, Hospitality Direct, LLC not only houses the products at discounted pricing but also offers to take on the installation as well. Pricing is everything! Here at Hospitality Direct, LLC we focus on helping our beloved Southeastern hotels take their dreams and make them realities. Our pricing has proven time and time again to be second to none, allowing our clients to accomplish more than they ever imagined with their fixed budgets. We look forward to earning your business!