About us

Since 1985 Hospitality Direct, LLC has encouraged the growth of Hospitality in many ways. Our success was brought forth early on by staying committed to our customers, as well as our vision of being a “one-stop shop” for all hospitality needs. Primarily focusing on large scale hotel renovations, Hospitality Direct, LLC has played a vital role in helping thousands of customers reach their goals! Interior renovations continue to lead the company’s success, however completely fulfilling our customers’ needs have continued to remain our top priority. Keeping this concept in mind has led to massive growth within the company over the past several years. The “one-stop shop” concept has been an incredible foundation for increasing buying power, now on a multinational level we are seeing pricing like never before.

We are very excited to announce that we are now offering manufactures pricing directly to our customers on all furniture, case goods, bedding, and linen! This milestone has been strenuously reached for over the past several years to ensure that the quality of our product is not compromised at the expense of better pricing. With quality at an all-time high and price at an all-time low we truly are a step above our competition and could not be more excited about the opportunity to earn your business.